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Last Earth Girl, The

Last Earth Girl, The (2015) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  98m  •    •  Directed by: Jim Weter.  •  Starring: Kari Fleskes, Mark Pergolizzi, Duane P. Craig, Greg Earnest, Victoria Skye Cleveland, Jon W. Sparks, Morgan Prewett, Davis Fancher, Anupam Lahiri, Ann Morton, Juliet Buckholdt, Jim Shollenberger, Harriet Turk..
After the announcement that the world will end in seven years, a young woman goes on a journey farther than any human in history in order to find out what is truly important to her in life.


Started the film not exactly knowing what to expect but was soon hooked trying to figure out exactly what was happening, why the world was ending, and learning more about the characters. What stuck out to me the most however, was the way the scenes flowed together in almost a dream-like sequence or a memory? Don't want to use the word flashback because the memories and the present in the film were merged very seamlessly and that really helped keep me in the story. I also really loved how the story was much more about the characters and their relationships than trying to stop the end of the world. And in a very real sense, if the world was ending, most ordinary people would be left asking these same questions.

1010, would highly recommend to fans of character based drama.

Review by paulofalley from the Internet Movie Database.