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Becoming (2016) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  98m  •    •  Directed by: Omar Naim.  •  Starring: Toby Kebbell, Claire Holt.  •  Music by: Patrick Savage, Holeg Spies.
A young woman learns her fiance has become possessed by an entity.


Becoming is a taut psychological thriller from Omar Naim, mixing Hitchcock with Wes Craven. It features a star turn by Toby Kebbel as Alex, a man on a road trip with his fiance Lisa, played by Penelope Mitchell. After a strange stop at a distant relative's house, Alex begins to become distant, angry and violent, leaving Lisa to discover the shocking truth about what he's become. The movie also features a great turn by Jason Patric as a too crazy to believe conspiracy theorist that may hold the key to what's happened to Alex.

Smartly written and directed by Naim, the movie crackles with energy, leaving you guessing until the final frame. The movie sets up a tantalizing mythology that I hope gets explored in future projects!

Review by bearville from the Internet Movie Database.