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Einstein's God Model

Einstein's God Model (2016) Movie Poster
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USA  •    •  89m  •    •  Directed by: Philip T. Johnson.  •  Starring: Aaron Graham, Kirby O'Connell, Kenneth Hughes, Brad Norman, Darryl Warren, Karol Kent, Tiffany Scott, Andy Hannon, Mallory Bordonaro, Darren Stephens, Mike McNamara, Chanté René Linwood, Jessica Brooks.  •  Music by: Paul Smith, Senon Williams.
    For thousands of years, only religion has offered an answer to what happens after death. Science is about to change that. With the help of a physicist, a blind medium, and Thomas Edison's final experiment, Brayden Taylor embarks on a quest to contact the afterlife. For his love to transcend dimensions, he must defy the laws of quantum physics. He must defy the balance nature demands. He must defy ... the God Model.


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Warning: If you haven't watched the movie, don't read my review.

It was an awesome science fiction movie. Einstein's God Model takes the audiences on a journey to see the other universe and the connections between them.The value of this movie is to entertain the audiences with science (physic) to make them curious about physics and all aspects of science and this is how you can support a theory, an idea. The message that story conveys is the life after death and the connection with string theory and the squares model. Besides of that, Phillip showed on his movie that if you want to get people to care about what you care, use the human story with heavy science that is what makes people think and entertained.

Review by Arvin from the Internet Movie Database.


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