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Bravo 1

Bravo 1 (2015) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  Directed by: Billy Surges.  •  Starring: Billy Surges, Katie Meyers, Audelynn S. Crespo, Jim Nieciecki, Billy Chengary, Vince Tolentino, Shon McGregory, Wes Jones, Patricia Urbonas Clark, Al Vento, Casey Hartnett, Justine M. Constantino, Lindsay McCleery..
In the near future, a television corporation has developed the software to create an alternate universe. A man by the name of Bravo 1 lives within this alternate universe unknowingly, providing entertainment to a mass audience. The corporation and the creator of the universe are at a constant battle as to what is humane versus what is profitable. Under the assumption that this is a military detail, Bravo 1 sets out on his mission. Little does he know, he is not alone, and a war is among us all.


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