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Wind is Watching, The

Wind is Watching, The (2014) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  94m  •    •  Directed by: Conrad Faraj.  •  Starring: Nicole Ann Hicks, Rick Montgomery Jr., Logan Roberts, Aleksandar Zivkovic, Nicole Karis, Douglas Slygh, Mary Faktor, Jonathan Yurco, Brianna Burke, Chris McCail, Christopher Kaczmarek, Matt F. Gillespie, Bailey Weaver.  •  Music by: Austin Lawrence.
    The year is 2037. A natural disaster with global ramifications has given rise to a new America. The military is now the governing power, precious resources are scarce, and the common man struggles just to survive. We follow the story of Cara Gardner (Nicole Ann Hicks), a young woman whose family was torn apart by this new regime. Embarking on a challenging journey through war-torn America, she vows to reclaim that which has been taken from her. However, General Joseph Kellerman (Rick Montgomery Jr.), diabolic head of the newly formed UMA (United Militia of America), is hell-bent on preventing her from doing so.


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