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Labyrinth, The

Labyrinth, The (2017) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  90m  •    •  Directed by: John Berardo, Jessica Kaye, Katrelle N. Kindred, Quyen Nguyen Le, Victoria Rose, Kaushik Sampath, Camila Ohara Tanabe, Tarek Tohme.  •  Starring: James Franco, Josh Peck, Jim Parrack, Jason Ritter, Matt Lucas, Beth Grant, Flavor Flav, Alberto Jorrin, Carmen Argenziano, Alexander Arntzen, Gary Bairos, James Berardo, Sasha Bujnak.  •  Music by: Gareth Coker.
      A horror-mystery-thriller exploring the unknown, the unexplained, and the unimaginable, with eight intertwined stories on life, death, regret and atonement.


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