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Ladrón de Cadáveres

Ladrón de Cadáveres (1957) Movie Poster
Mexico  •    •  80m  •    •  Directed by: Fernando Méndez.  •  Starring: Columba Domínguez, Crox Alvarado, Wolf Ruvinskis, Carlos Riquelme, Arturo Martínez, Eduardo Alcaraz, Guillermo Hernández, Yerye Beirute, Alberto Catalá, Lee Morgan, Ignacio Navarro, Alejandro Cruz, Armando Acosta.  •  Music by: Federico Ruiz.
    A wrestler and a detective team up to stop a mad scientist who is kidnapping athletes and replacing their brains with those of animals to make them stronger and live longer.


Image from: Ladrón de Cadáveres (1957)
Image from: Ladrón de Cadáveres (1957)
Image from: Ladrón de Cadáveres (1957)
I like the opening of the movie very much because it tries to set the tone for the rest of the running time. It's a graveyard at night, when suddenly a grave digger pops out of a grave. I must admit that I didn't expect the scene!. Anyways, soon we are introduced with a mad doctor that steals corpses of athletes (mainly wrestlers) for "evil" purposes. Soon after we know the diabolical plans, we are introduced with our hero. The wrestler starts the special mission because this grave digging and stealing is getting national attention.

The settings of the movie are pretty damn good and tend to create a creepy atmosphere which later is turned into a fantasy world. The wrestlers are more than welcome in the plot! But I didn't buy their dialogs. Well, they weren't very good actors in the first place.

The acting of the rest of the cast is pretty good for it's time and for the movie's plot. Rubinski delivers a solid and believable performance. The main problem with the movie is that it gets boring after the half. There aren't that many emotions or action. Still, it worths a watch.

Review by insomniac_rod from the Internet Movie Database.