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Neutron contra los Autómatas de la Muerte

Neutron contra los Autómatas de la Muerte (1962) Movie Poster
Mexico  •    •  80m  •    •  Directed by: Federico Curiel.  •  Starring: Wolf Ruvinskis, Rosita Arenas, Julio Alemán, Armando Silvestre, Roberto Ramírez Garza, Rodolfo Landa, Claudio Brook, Jack Taylor, Ernesto Finance, David Lama, Los Diamantes, Los Rebeldes del Rock, Genaro de Alba.  •  Music by: Enrico C. Cabiati.
    The evil scientist Dr.Caronte plots to revive the brains of three dead scientists and use them to obtain the formula for the super-powerful neutron bomb. The resulting creation needs blood lots of blood, sending Caronte's midget assistant Nick and his legion of mutant monsters out to get fresh victims. However, the masked atom-superman Neutron vows to put a stop to Caronte's deeds.


Image from: Neutron contra los Autómatas de la Muerte (1962)
Image from: Neutron contra los Autómatas de la Muerte (1962)
This is apparently the third Neutron-film and in this our masked marvel, Neutron, is fighting his archenemy, the evil Dr.Caronte (who survived the 2nd movie). With the help of three brains, a dwarf and some vampire zombies Caronte is planning to take over the world, of course, by creating a neutronbomb! I don't know if Neutron was a big rival to the mighty Santo in the 60's, he's shorter and not that convincing in the "fight scenes" but he sure know how flex his muscles! It's campy, juvenile fun and Caronte's dwarf-sidekick has to be seen (and heard!). Enjoy!

Review by Unknown from the Internet Movie Database.