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Radio-Mania (1922) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  95m  •    •  Directed by: Roy William Neill.  •  Starring: Grant Mitchell, Margaret Irving, Gertrude Hillman, W.H. Burton, Isabel Vernon, John D. Walsh, J. Burke, Peggy Smith, Betty Borders, Alice Effinger, Peggy Williams..
      A man dreams that he is having a two way radio communication with Mars from where he receives various secrets including instructions to transform coal and clay into diamonds. The Martians are shown as large brained creatures with big ears.


Image from: Radio-Mania (1922)
Image from: Radio-Mania (1922)
This curious picture is a cross between fantasy and science fiction (at least, the 1920s' version of science fiction) and features Broadway actors Grant Mitchell and Margaret Irving in their motion picture debuts. Arthur Wyman (Mitchell) is the typical absent-minded scientist. He is in love with Mary Langdon (Irving), the daughter of his landlady (Gertrude Hillman). To help her out, he invents an alarm clock that doesn't tick (this being long before the days of electronic devices). Using the money he has earned writing an article, Wyman tries to put the finishing touches on a radio that will contact Mars. He falls asleep as he's tinkering with it and dreams that he has gotten in touch with the Martians. They give him a lot of valuable information -- he learns a special way to make diamonds from coal, fashion gold from clay, and create steel that weighs "less than nothing." What he learns makes him fabulously wealthy -- until, much to his disappointment, he wakes up. But then Mary arrives and tells him that the rights to the "tickless" alarm clock have been sold for a lot of money, so things work out after all.

Review by Unknown from the Internet Movie Database.