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I Pianeti Contro di Noi

Pianeti Contro di Noi, I (1962) Movie Poster
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Italy / France / West Germany  •    •  85m  •    •  Directed by: Romano Ferrara.  •  Starring: Michel Lemoine, Maria Pia Luzi, Jany Clair, Marco Guglielmi, Piero Palermini, Jacopo Tecchi, Otello Toso, Peter Dane, Osvaldo Ruggieri, Adriano Micantoni, Donatella Marrosu, Renato Navarrini, Roberto Meloni.  •  Music by: Armando Trovajoli.
       An alien race sends cyborgs, made to look like the son of a famous scientist, whom they killed when he landed on their planet, to Earth to help pave the way for an invasion.


Image from: Pianeti Contro di Noi, I (1962)
Image from: Pianeti Contro di Noi, I (1962)
Image from: Pianeti Contro di Noi, I (1962)
Image from: Pianeti Contro di Noi, I (1962)
I saw I PIANETI CONTRO NOI (aka PLANETS AGAINST US) for the first time in many years recently, and was startled to discover that this minor ItalianFrench film may be possibly be the first movie to depict a cyborg. As I said in my review of TERROR FROM THE YEAR 5000, film firsts should be noted and applauded, even if the films are otherwise unremarkable. Viewing it again for the first time since the early seventies, I also found the film had some elements of interest that, while the film really couldn't be called good, it doesn't deserve the ripping Leonard Maltin or the previous commentator in this forum have given it.

PLANETS AGAINST US, also obscurely know under the translation of its French title THE MAN WITH THE YELLOW EYES, is about alien race who creates a pre-invasion force of cyborgs all copied from the dead body of the dead son of a famous scientist who they killed when they forced the plane he was on to crash while over the Sahara. The fact that they have used the body of the son of a famous scientist as the model for their cyborgs has no bearing on the plot. One cyborg who calls himself "Bronco" shows up in Rome where he mingles with the female members of a Bohemian crowd, all whom find the handsome but mysterious and distant Bronco fascinating, one of whom is the daughter of a scientist who has invented a "paralyzing gas" whom for some reason the aliens want.

PLANETS AGAINST US is a moody and atmospheric but also rather at times slow moving film with somewhat indifferent direction. The film has some elements of NOT OF THIS EARTH and THE INVISIBLE RAY. An alien disguised as a human shows up on Earth and like Mr. Johnson NOT OF THIS EARTH, Bronco repeatedly shows ignorance of everyday things, and acts cold and distant. Bronco also, in one scene he is bothered by bright lights (Mr Johnson was bothered by loud noises.) From THE INVISIBLE RAY, the film borrows the idea of a deadly touch. Michael Lemmione is quite good (as far one can judge a dubbed performance) as the icy Bronco. His piercing eyes are used to good advantage.

Over all, PLANETS AGAINST US is not a good film, but it has its moments.

Review by jim riecken from the Internet Movie Database.