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Vie Amoureuse de l'Homme Invisible, La

Vie Amoureuse de l'Homme Invisible, La (1970) Movie Poster
France / Spain  •    •  82m  •    •  Directed by: Pierre Chevalier.  •  Starring: Howard Vernon, Brigitte Carva, Fernando Sancho, Paco Valladares, Isabel del Río, Evane Hanska, Arlette Balkis, May Chartrette, Christian Forges, Eugène Berthier.  •  Music by: Camille Sauvage, Claude Sauvage.
      The newcomer Dr. Garondet is summoned by professor Orloff but people in his village is afraid to go to his castle. The insistent Dr. Garondet reaches the castle and the servants send him to talk to Cécile Orloff, who is the daughter of the professor and is worried about the mental health of her father. Dr. Garondet meets professor Orloff and he tells what happened to Cécile sometime ago and his experiment with an invisible man, and he explains that his daughter is deranged due to the reported incident. Dr. Garondet has to spend the night in the castle and soon he learns who is the insane.


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Image from: Vie Amoureuse de l
Image from: Vie Amoureuse de l
Image from: Vie Amoureuse de l
Image from: Vie Amoureuse de l
Image from: Vie Amoureuse de l
La Vie Amoureuse de L'Homme Invisible, or titles like Dr. Orloff's Invisible Monster, Orloff Against the Invisible Man as it's known amongst English speaking audiences & even The Invisible Dead as it's known over here in the UK, starts late one night in a small European village where Dr. Garondet (Paco Valladares) receives a message to go to Dr. Orloff's (Howard Vernon) castle. Being the local doctor he feels obliged, after getting there he meets Dr. Orloff's daughter Cecile (Brigitte Carva) who says something strange is going on in the castle & she is scared, Garondet agrees to look into it & speaks with her father Dr. Orloff who admits he has created a invisible super human creature who he intends to create an entire race of to take over the world! But will Orloff's diabolical plans succeed?

This French Spanish co-production was co-written & directed by Pierre Chevalier & is quite simply one of the most boring Euro horror flicks I've ever seen, in fact it's so boring it could have been a Jesus 'I have no talent' Franco film! The script by Chevalier & Juan Fortuny is as slow as they come, I'm sorry but I don't sit down to watch a film & expect or want to be bored out of my skull. The script is also full of plot holes & makes no sense, for instance Dr. Orloff says he has operated & created an invisible man. Well alright but lets think about that statement for a moment, I mean how can Dr. Orloff operate on an invisible man? How can Dr. Orloff see what he's operating on? Then there's the puzzling flashback padding sequence, despite serving no real purpose for the main story other than to pad it out Dr. Orloff says his daughter Cecile dies & they put her in a coffin & stick her in a tomb. Is it ever explained why she suddenly comes back to life because if it is I missed it, wouldn't Dr. Gardonet have at least questioned Cecile's miraculous resurrection from the dead? Also, why does Dr. Orloff make such a point of claiming his daughter Cecile is insane? It has no relevance to the plot as Dr. Gardonet at this point knows about his experiments & at no time in the film does Cecile act like she's insane so that makes it even more of an odd plot point to emphasise so much. So in short there's far too many silly plot holes, things that make no sense, a dull very slow pace & there's barely any exploitation either besides a few naked women. So is there anything good about this film? No, not really I'm afraid or at least I couldn't see anything good while watching it.

Director Chevalier does alright actually, despite looking cheap the castle locations, sets & period clothing are quite impressive & atmospheric. In terms of gore there isn't any, seriously some fat guy has a small cut on his forehead otherwise there isn't a single drop of blood in the entire thing. There's a few scenes of full frontal nudity if that's your sort of thing & a woman is raped by an invisible man is a scene of pure comedy as she tries to simulate being raped by herself! Speaking of the so-called invisible man when he's finally revealed at the end he looks like some ape creature rather than a normal guy so why does Dr. Orloff keep referring to it as a 'man' when clearly it isn't? Special effects wise it's a man in a bad ape suit. The climax also features one of the most pathetic burning castles ever, all the filmmakers do is pump smoke out of the castle on locations window!

Technically the film is OK, the photography is alright & the production values are pretty decent. The sound on my copy was awful, the soundtrack is full of hisses, pops & crackles especially noticeable when there's no music. The film is obviously dubbed, it's not as bad as some Euro horror films but the dialogue is just strange & doesn't make much sense.

La Vie Amoureuse de L'Homme Invisible is a really dull & boring Euro horror flick & I usually love these things. I was disappointed, no blood, no gore, virtually no sleaze & a stupid storyline that makes zero sense, I wasn't impressed. For die hard Euro horror flick junkies only, as far as everyone else is concerned there are much, much better films out there.

Review by Paul Andrews from the Internet Movie Database.