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Elixirul Tineretii

Elixirul Tineretii (1975) Movie Poster
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Romania  •    •    •  Directed by: Gheorghe Naghi.  •  Starring: Aura Andritoiu, Aurel Cioranu, Melania Cârje, Dorina Done, Mihai Fotino, Alexandru Matei, Stefan Mihailescu-Braila, Marin Moraru, Gheorghe Naghi, Florin Piersic, Stela Popescu, Anna Széles, Stefan Tapalaga..
      An old geriatrics professor accidentally discovers after a high-school reunion a potion that can rejuvenate anybody and uses it on him and his friends. They all go their new youthful ways but, for most of them, things don't go according to plan.