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Image of the Beast

Image of the Beast (1980) Movie Poster
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USA  •    •  93m  •    •  Directed by: Donald W. Thompson.  •  Starring: William Wellman Jr., Susan Plumb, Patty Dunning, Russell S. Doughten Jr., Wenda Shereos, Thom Rachford, Maryann Rachford, Sandy Christen, David Crabtree, Ben Sampson, Justin Craig, Herb Brown, Ty Hardin.  •  Music by: Richard A. Girvin.
    Fundamentalist Christian guerrilla David helps condemned dissidents escape, attempts to subvert the computerized Mark of the Beast, and generally tries to survive as prophecy unfolds in the rise of the Antichrist to the pinnacle of his power and the beginning of God's war on sinful man.


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Image from: Image of the Beast (1980)
Image from: Image of the Beast (1980)
Image from: Image of the Beast (1980)
Image from: Image of the Beast (1980)
Image from: Image of the Beast (1980)
Image from: Image of the Beast (1980)
Image from: Image of the Beast (1980)
saw this movie in my Baptist high school Bible class. I'm not sure if I was supposed to be dramatically affected by this series or what but....I certainly remember it.

To catch up, the first movie tells us about a bunch of hippy kids who turn to Christ and get raptured up, leaving Patty and her two friends. I lovingly refer to them as the evil hippies. You see, they take the mark of the beast and betray their friend Patty AND they have crazy hair and bell bottoms. They essentially represent what the filmmakers were afraid their kids would be. Anywho, the first movie turns out to be mostly a dream where Patty wakes up from a nightmare where she was left behind to find......she's been left behind! What a terrible coincidence!

The second movie tells of her moving onto a farm with 2 other random chicks. One of them's named Sandy and the other one has a name I'm sure I just can't remember it. Well, it's told in flashback from a church where a bunch of Christians are being held to be executed cause they won't take the mark. There's some random preacher there....basically so they can kill off Patty and her friend. Sandy ends up taking the mark, encouraging Patty to do the same, while the other girl loses her head.

Now begins the 3rd one. Well, first off, this movie starts where the 2nd one ended. Apparently, Sandy dyed her hair and applied a lot of hairspray AND changed her shirt in the 3 seconds in between the 2 movies because she has changed A LOT. Patty gets her head lopped off during an earthquake and then preacher man escapes with some random chick who ends up getting in a car accident or something while they're running away. He leaves her, even though they're apparently madly in love, and somewhere along the line hooks up with a woman and her kid. They shack up in a cabin in the woods and, wouldn't you know it, the woman works with evil hippy woman who still dresses in bell bottoms and crazy hair even though she's apparently a big wig government person. Oh, and the girl from the car accident gets nursed back to health by some random old people.

Preacher man and mom woman get by because they somehow figure out how to use a giant 80's calculator and a bar code from a book about the evils of computers (product placement on the producers' part) to make fake marks that they can go shopping with. They run into the priest from the earlier movies who now lives underground and eats rats.

Bla, bla, bla....plagues happen, evil hippy lady comes to the house and gets killed by a giant bee arm made of plastic, Sandy captures the girl after she leaves the old people (now in a wheelchair), preacher and the kid get captured by whoever came with hippy lady, the mom ends up convulsed after being stung by the giant bee....eventually we end up with the kid, the preacher, and the wheelchair lady in jail. Somehow the kid gets a balloon and we get the oh-so tasteful shot of the balloon rising up past a window after the guillotine falls. Wheelchair bites it next and we see preacher man being laid down on the guillotine as the credits roll.

Of course, the 4th movie opens with preacher man NOT where he ended the 3rd movie, but walking to the guillotine down the hallway where a random girl saves him. Apparently he has the same time bending powers that helped Sandy get a makeover. That movie makes less sense (hard to believe, no?) what with its zombie romances and 80's radio technology.

Review by TheRuralJuror from the Internet Movie Database.