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The Killing Edge

Killing Edge, The (1984) Movie Poster
UK  •    •  90m  •    •  Directed by: Lindsay Shonteff.  •  Starring: Bill French, Paul Ashe, Juliette Grassby, Francis Howard, Aiden James, Al Lampert, Nigel Plaskitt, Chris Plume, Mary Spencer, Matthew Waterhouse..
       In a post-nuclear-war wasteland, a man searches for his family while trying to avoid deadly killer robots.


This film is so unutterably terrible that it remains the best (worst) example of a bad film I have ever seen. Worse than American Ninjas 3 with its rubber knives & awful acting, worse than Sickle even (The Slaughterhouse Massacre with its stupid archetypal characters, wafer thin plot & shameful acting) - why, it's EVEN worse than The Thin Red Line (for which I still want compensation for the hours of wasted life & trauma.) The only reason to watch this film is for comparative purposes - if it's anywhere near The Killing Edge, it isn't worth the time you'll take to watch it. SO bad is this film, in fact, that 10 years after having seen it it remains like the North Star in my discussions on films with my best mate - i.e., well at least it was better than The Killing Edge

So go on, watch it. It's like THAT tape in The Ring - once you watch it, things will NEVER be the same.

Review by winterinside from the Internet Movie Database.