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Xaver (1986) Movie Poster
West Germany  •    •  90m  •    •  Directed by: Werner Possardt.  •  Starring: Carlos Pavlidis, Rupert J. Seidel, Gabi Fischer, Marinus Brand, Heinz-Josef Braun, Josef Thalmeier, Ayse Ercyn, Roland Kern, Willi Lex, Andreas Bouloubassis, Franz Gässler, Oless Petrenko, Hans Gschlössl.  •  Music by: Hans-Jürgen Buchner.
      An alien lands outside of Munich, but everyone thinks he's just another tourist. A naive country boy, who doesn't realize he's an alien, meets up with him, calls him "Alois" and takes him to the city with him.


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Image from: Xaver (1986)
Image from: Xaver (1986)
i can only agree: nothing beats this alien-bavarian connection, specially if beer (and deer) is available in bavarian measures. after the first (and only?) broadcast of this movie everybody was talking xaver-slang, mostly bavarian and since then germany knows how to react to an alien emergency and that the alien like to construct their material like bavarians would do and they like to socialize with great force and the support of some old bavarian power drink...

this is an outstanding example of sience fiction comedy and the best achievable implementation of south german folks into sci-fi.

Review by vst from the Internet Movie Database.