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Pokhishcheniye Charodeya

Pokhishcheniye Charodeya (1989) Movie Poster
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Soviet Union  •    •  105m  •    •  Directed by: Viktor Kobzev.  •  Starring: Yuliya Aug, Romualdas Ramanauskas, Sergei Varchuk, Vladimir Gostyukhin, Yuriy Demich, Viktor Solovyov, Andrei Boltnev, Lev Borisov, Andrejs Zagars, Vitali Chetkov, Sulev Luik, Lyudmila Ksenofontova, Nartay Begalin.  •  Music by: Algirdas Paulavicius.
    A young post-graduate from Minsk Anna Mazurkevich comes to her native village, where she hasnt been for 12 years, to stay in her grannys house. Here, in peace and quiet, she is intended to write a thesis. But suddenly two strangers come and claim that yesterday in Minsk the houses owner let out to them for two weeks, and to convince her they switch on TV-set, where Annas mother confirm their words and asks her to stay for a while with their neighbor ankle Gena. All this looks very strange because not very clear how they managed to organize live broadcast. Then absolutely inexplicable things start to happen. The strangers say that they have to go to the XVIII century to find a genius, living at that moment right here, and take him to the future