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Martians Go Home

Martians Go Home (1989) Movie Poster
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  •  USA  •    •  89m  •    •  Directed by: David Odell.  •  Starring: Randy Quaid, Margaret Colin, Anita Morris, John Philbin, Ronny Cox, Timothy Stack, Bruce French, Gerrit Graham, Dean Devlin, Roy Brocksmith, Nicky Katt, Troy Evans, Steve Blacknell.  •  Music by: Allan Zavod.
        Song writer Mark Devereaux accidentally calls millions of green Martians to invade Earth. No they aren't dangerous, just wise-cracking, intrusive, pain in neck, annoyances. No one can escape their distracting influence. It's up to Mark to figure out how they got here, and most importantly, how to get rid of them before they drive everyone crazy!


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Image from: Martians Go Home (1989)
Image from: Martians Go Home (1989)
Image from: Martians Go Home (1989)
Image from: Martians Go Home (1989)
Image from: Martians Go Home (1989)
Image from: Martians Go Home (1989)
I'm sorry to say this is based on memory, since the movie is not available for rental (I wonder why!) I cannot evaluate it properly from my current attitude about movies and subjects as it's been years so I've changed.

BUT I do remember it so vividly as to be a bit spooky. There were a lot of movies I hated and couldn't stand to watch walking out of the theater or ejecting the tapeDVD, this one is NOT one of them! :-) I really enjoyed it as it was a wacky "out of this world" comedy with a simple premise: they aren't here to invade... they are just tourists making fun of us! It is not science fiction at all but a comedy featuring Martian tourists (think European tourists making fun of us! Or we of them!).

So you need to set your mind towards wacky illogical and very different comedy making fun of martian movies (not in the same vein as Mars Attacks!) with it's own low budget. Our American rituals are bizarre from a very alternate perspective that some countries may have of us so this is in that vein. We is a weird, are we not?! LOL

Having martians making fun of everyone on earth is more from the perspective of social comments and so of course the martians are annoying! That's the point! Think comedy sketches by various TV shows like Saturday Night going to the bid screen playing out a simple act on a fairly simple premise. Relax, enjoy, and throw popcorn at the martians! I loved the movie and hope to buy one soon! It's just delicious! But you do have to have the "brains" to understand it. Not many people do. I can't think of a parallel movie so I can't help you there. Not quite the Coneheads or similar movies but kind of a bit in that area.

Review by rdg-5 from the Internet Movie Database.