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Legend of the Roller Blade Seven

Legend of the Roller Blade Seven (1992) Movie Poster
USA  •    •    •  Directed by: Donald G. Jackson.  •  Starring: Scott Shaw, Frank Stallone, Karen Black, Don Stroud, Joe Estevez, William Smith, Rhonda Shear, Michelle Bellaman, Tina-Desiree Berg, Ani Bilesky, Elisa Chang, Ron Chapman, Allison Chase.  •  Music by: Scott Shaw.
      In a post-apocalyptic world where rollerblading is the chief means of travel, the evil Pharoah sends his minions outside the Wheel Zone to abduct a psychic. The psychic has been trained in the way of the samurai, but has shunned her training to become a Passive. Once abducted, her brother joins forces with others to try and rescue her, but they face many challenges from the Dark Side.


Image from: Legend of the Roller Blade Seven (1992)
Image from: Legend of the Roller Blade Seven (1992)
I have read over the comments left for and about this movie and it strikes me that some people GET IT but most do not. Yes, this is a very strange, non-traditional movie, but that is what makes it GREAT. And, I do mean GREAT. Most Independent Films you see have the same style of story line, the same style of (just get the shot) cinematography, and the same type of common editing. This film has none of that. It is completely revolutionary as far as I am concerned. I think this film really made a statement and that is something few films do anymore.

I know this film is hard to find. But, I think its worth seeking out. Especially for film students like myself. It really lets us know that, yes, you can still make art in the film-making process and you can get it released and out there to be seen.

Review by jaaceejohnson from the Internet Movie Database.