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Replikator (1994) Movie Poster
  •  Canada  •    •  97m  •    •  Directed by: Philip Jackson.  •  Starring: Michael St. Gerard, Brigitte Bako, Ned Beatty, Ilona Staller, Lisa Howard, Peter Outerbridge, Ron Lea, David Hemblen, Mackenzie Gray, Lynne Deragon, Janet Bailey, Doug Bagot, Tim Lee.  •  Music by: Donald Quan.
       Two companies are competing to develop equipment that can replicate any kind of material, including human tissue. However, one of the companies has more plans for this machine, and more resources to block the other company from succeeding.


Image from: Replikator (1994)
Image from: Replikator (1994)
Image from: Replikator (1994)
When did the future become so bleak? I seem to remember growing up in the late fifties and early sixties, that the future was going to be a great place. Robots and other machines doing all the work, the future was going to be paradise for the human race! Then it suddenly went dark, grim and gritty. Can't place the exact time or film when it happened, although, Bladerunner comes to mind. And this film is in a similar vein, all slightly out of focus shots and raining a lot.

Unlike the aforementioned, Bladerunner, this doesn't have a coherent plot or story and just meanders along till the conclusion. One of those films that seem to go on far longer than the actual running time. After a while, your mind just switches off trying to follow the story and you're just waiting for it to end.

There were a lot of low-budget SF films made around this period and all I assume went straight to video and then straight to the bargain bins.

Review by zeppo-2 from the Internet Movie Database.