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Niagaravation (1995) Movie Poster
USA  •    •    •  Directed by: Joe Romano.  •  Starring: Joe Romano, Maria Cristina Newsom, Kimberly-Anne Ryan, Jim Farmer, Hugh Hayes, John Zacherle, Cathy Haase, Charles Pinion.  •  Music by: Joe Romano.
     The year is 1961. Honeymoon couple Norm and Luann Weiner head for Niagara Falls for their dream vacation, never dreaming they would drive straight into the clutches of an alien invasion force bent on stealing the Falls...or that they would meet a group of ghosts who live beneath Niagara (daredevils who died in barrels, fell of tightropes etc.) who enlist our couple to save their watery grave and...the very Earth itself!!


Making bad movies into "art" is a tricky thing. The SF & Horror genres in particular seem to breed a whole subgenre of Cult Bad Movies. But, to be truly a work of Schlock, the filmmakers must be trying to attain art - and have it totally fail - I.E. ROBOT MONSTER, PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE.

NIAGARAVATION is a very looooooooooow budget film which has its heart in the right place, but fails. As the film begins, there's a bit of promise as a sort of knowing spoof on 50's & 60's genre cliches. Unfortunately, that promise soon gives way to tedium, repetition, lack of originality, poor attempts at humor, and more tedium.

I encountered the film at the Annual Boston Science Fiction film Marathon ( several years ago, with director Romano and some castcrew members (everybody does a little of everything on films like these!). The film was hooted by the audience, but once we heard Romano speak, we soon realized his sincerity was genuine. He got big cheers for his effort. Even if those efforts are a failure.

Review by Joe Stemme from the Internet Movie Database.