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Tayna Vechnoy Nochi

Tayna Vechnoy Nochi (1956) Movie Poster
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Soviet Union  •    •  76m  •    •  Directed by: Abram Room, Dmitriy Vasilev.  •  Starring: Ivan Pereverzev, Konstantin Bartashevich, Mikhail Astangov, Apollon Yachnitskiy, Danuta Stolyarskaya, Yelena Izmailova, P. Samarin, Ye. Tarkhanov, Yan Yanakiyev, Ivan Zhevago.  •  Music by: Igor Morozov.
       Following an extremely powerfull earthquake a new type or radiation emerges from the innards of the Earth which threatens mankind and gives birth to a new mysterious creature. A submarine is send to the bottom of the ocean to investigate the strange occurances.