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Ne Jouez pas Avec les Martiens

Ne Jouez pas Avec les Martiens (1968) Movie Poster
France  •    •  81m  •    •  Directed by: Henri Lanoë.  •  Starring: Jean Rochefort, Macha Méril, Jean Ozenne, André Valardy, Frédéric de Pasquale, Haydée Politoff, Madeleine Damien, Albert Michel, Sacha Briquet, Monique Rozier, Amanda Lear, Marie-Laure Byk, Eija Pokkinen.  •  Music by: Henri Lanoë.
     A downright idiotic film about a spacecraft full of Martians landing off the coast of Brittany. Rochefort and Vallardy are journalists who discover the aliens along with Meril, who has psychic powers. The Martians don't do much through the movie, and the comedy of the two reporters falls flat. When the aliens leave, they take a set of sextuplets with them because one of the aliens is the father.


Image from: Ne Jouez pas Avec les Martiens (1968)
Considering he was already one of France's most bankable directors, it seems odd that Philippe de Broca would have taken the time out to co-script this knockabout adaptation of Michel Labry's inconsequential novel. Jean Rochefort gives of his best as the incompetent journalist, who is dispatched to an island off Brittany to cover the birth of some sextuplets, only to miss the delivery, an alien visitation and the emergence of a prehistoric creature from the depths of the Atlantic. But Henri Lanoë's direction, like the humour, is much too broad, although Macha Méril's sixth sense social worker has her moments.

Review by Unknown from the Internet Movie Database.