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Rage of the Innocents

Rage of the Innocents (2001) Movie Poster
Canada  •    •  93m  •    •  Directed by: Lloyd A. Simandl.  •  Starring: Justine Priestley, Todd Farr, Kira Reed Lorsch, Eva Decastelo, Howard Lotker, David O'Kelly, John Comer, Jan Pavel Filipensky, Wolgang Schiemichen, Klara Hlouska, Vladimira Pitelova, Kate Rodger, Nada Vinecká.  •  Music by: Ivan Dolezalek.
     A young warrior bands with a small group of rebels to wage a guerilla war in order to rescue his love and save his people from certain death.


Image from: Rage of the Innocents (2001)
Image from: Rage of the Innocents (2001)
Image from: Rage of the Innocents (2001)
Get a hot chick (Kira Reed) that desires other chicks especially a prized `commander' (Justine Priestley) in a bizarre world of female serfdom and you get a flick that is erotic and relishing in its fem-to-fem passion.

And if you are in for voyeurism with lots of groping and some cool lez faire then this typical Lloyd Semandl movie is good fun. I would consider the acting as slightly above average given the genre of these movies.

But the annoying numerous interceding of the love making with images of the mineworkers badly cuts out the flow of the story and is frustrating. Each scene should be allowed to its end. A movie with docile and willing skimpy outfitted sex-mineworker scene is vintage Semandl - and he did not miss this one here.

Review by hey_jude12 from the Internet Movie Database.