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Alerta, Alta Tension

Alerta, Alta Tension (1969) Movie Poster
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Mexico  •    •  87m  •    •  Directed by: Alfonso Corona Blake, Fernando Durán Rojas.  •  Starring: Jorge Rivero, Alma Delia Fuentes, Claudia Islas, Lilia Castillo, Carlos Ancira, Gregorio Casal, Antonio Raxel, Miguel Gómez Checa, Nathanael León, Reha, Mishima Ota, Elvia Mendoza, Federico Falcón.  •  Music by: Enrico C. Cabiati.
    After a criminal gang kidnaps a scientist with valuable information about nuclear weapons, an undercover agent named Jorge Rubio tries to infiltrate this gang in order to deal with the situation. The gang, however, quickly unmasks Rubio and uses both brainwashing and torture techniques on him. They also create a clone of Rubio, thus setting up a show-down battle between the two look-alikes.


Image from: Alerta, Alta Tension (1969)
Image from: Alerta, Alta Tension (1969)
Image from: Alerta, Alta Tension (1969)
Image from: Alerta, Alta Tension (1969)
In the 1960's, when the James Bond films were immense and popular, many nations of the world made their own imitations, however inferior, take the examples, Our Man in Jamaica (1965), James Tont operazione D.U.E. (1966), Password: Kill Agent Gordon (1966), Secret Agent Super Dragon (1966) or In Like Flint (1967).

This one is about average. It is from Mexico, which didn't have huge budgets, so take that into effect. It isn't horrible at all, and in some ways, very fun and silly.

It starts out with a limo guarded by motorcycle cops being 'hit' by a group of men with gasmasks and 1960's machine guns. They shoot all the motorcycle cops and kidnap an old man, who turns out to be some brilliant scientist who's invented a radioactive element called, "Argentium". The "bad men" take him to their headquarters, where they try to administer truth serum, but he bites a fake tooth with arsenic and he dies.

Enter the "suave" and much too carnal, as he's trying to make out with every girl in the film, Jorge Rubio (Jorge Rivero). He has a 1960's macho pad. He gets a call from the "Doctor" and told he is on the case to find out about the missing brilliant scientist. His partner is some woman who works at a "Go go dancer" club.

The head "bad man", Cero, is a take on Ernst Stavro Blofeld from the James Bond films. He's an old guy in a wheelchair and he kills his "bad men" who fail him. He's not very prominent and his criminal organization is very inept, as they can't shoot or kill the main opposition.

Jorge Rubio (Jorge Rivero) is "doubled" by the bad guys and not much else happens. His "double" tries to cause chaos.

Later, Jorge Rubio (Jorge Rivero) is frozen in some plastic chamber, complete with styrofoam serving as the "ice crystals". The special effects are low-budget and there's hardly a story to make this film nothing but a nice curiosity piece from the 1960's. It has some hot women, complete with miniskirts, "Go go dancer" boots and a very tainted color, since the film stock is old.

Jorge Rivero was a Mexican actor who appeared in a few American movies (The Last Hard Men (1976), Rio Lobo (1970), Soldier Blue (1970)). He was a weightlifter and starred in a few "El Santo" movies and plenty of low budget films like Manaos (1979), Pistoleros de la frontera (1967), Manaos (1979) and Evil Eye (1975). El Santo was a masked Mexican wrestler.

I noticed the head "bad man", Cero, that his blonde woman also appeared with Jorge Rivero in El secuestro (1974).

Review by Oslo Jargo from the Internet Movie Database.