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Lastikman (2003) Movie Poster
Philippines  •    •  105m  •    •  Directed by: Tony Y. Reyes.  •  Starring: Vic Sotto, Donita Rose, Michael V., Jeffrey Quizon, Michelle Bayle, Anne Curtis, Ryan Eigenmann, Elizabeth Oropesa, Evangeline Pascual, Joonee Gamboa, Oyo Boy Sotto, Joey de Leon, Goyong.  •  Music by: Elhmir Saison.
      Young Hilario was near by a rubber tree when it was struck by a meteorite. This gave him the powers of elasticity and morphing. To honor his dead parents he vows to use his powers for good. Hilario grows up and becomes Professor Larry, a teacher in Physics. He transforms into the superhero Lastikman to protect people from injustice and oppression.


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Image from: Lastikman (2003)
Image from: Lastikman (2003)
Image from: Lastikman (2003)
Image from: Lastikman (2003)
Image from: Lastikman (2003)
The sfx team of the movie used mostly what other effects were commonly used in such films, commonly in action, sci-fi, adventure films. There is a small hint of difference when it comes to sound effects when compared to other Superhero Films. Obviously they tried copying the special visual effects from international films, so automatically they would also copy the necessary Sound Effect for such Visual Effect.

When I first listened to the Official Soundtrack of the film, what was in the soundtrack was three tracks, 1st, like your typical superhero starting song, 2nd, a song solely for the villain, and 3rd a love song, well there's a love story in the film, might as well have a love song in the soundtrack.

The 1st song "Lastikman Soundtrack" was an upbeat song mainly to give the audience something to jive along while the superhero is in action, composed mainly of a party dance song elements combined with a boy and girl duet and rap what more can you ask for an opening song.

The 2nd song your typical villain song, from the title itself "Durugin si Lastikman" where the frustrations of the villain come to show, It's quite funny because on the contrary while the song was made for the villain the hero still wins in the end.

3rd song now this is my jam, I love slow jams so this definitely caught my attention, "Fallin' in Love" without explanation the title of the song explains itself, us knowing this is a superhero themed film, the movie shows that there will always be someone in need for the hero to save, including people who are important to him.

Review by Acoustic King from the Internet Movie Database.