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Sevimli Frankenstayn

Sevimli Frankenstayn (1975) Movie Poster
Turkey  •    •  85m  •    •  Directed by: Nejat Saydam.  •  Starring: Bülent Kayabas, Meral Orhonsay, Sevda Karaca, Turgut Özatay, Mualla Kavur, Yüksel Gözen, Muharrem Gürses, Baki Tamer, Ibrahim Delideniz, Ilhan Hemseri, Mustafa Yavuz, Ismail Varol, Vahit Volkan..
     A Turkish Frankenstein Movie.


Image from: Sevimli Frankenstayn (1975)
Image from: Sevimli Frankenstayn (1975)
Yes, it's another Turkish rip-off of a famous American movie. "Sevimli Frankestayn" ("My Friend Frankenstein" in English) is an imitation of Mel Brooks's "Young Frankenstein". It's probably hard to find a copy containing English subtitles, but if you know what happens in the more famous version, then you'll know what happens in the rip-off, especially since they copy almost every scene.

Other Turkish rip-offs of American movies include "The Exorcist" and "ET". To my knowledge there wasn't a Turkish "Mary Poppins"* or "Ghostbusters", but if there was either of those, I'm sure that it would be pretty entertaining.

*There was in fact a Soviet version of "Mary Poppins" made in the early '80s. It had to be the most whacked-out movie ever made: so-bad-it's-good '80s music and a pair of nutty kids, not to mention that the Bert character looked like a cross between Elliott Gould and Keith Richards.

Review by Lee Eisenberg from the Internet Movie Database.