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Planetfall (2005) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  90m  •    •  Directed by: Michael J. Heagle.  •  Starring: Jonathan Adams, Rachel Adams, Christian Ahlgren-Williams, Robert Aiken, Mike Anderson, William S. Anstedt, Nathan Arnold, Abigail Avila, Frederick Beecher, Carlo Besasie, Myron Blocksome, Bill Borea, Steve Bothun..
      Competing female bounty hunters track down the ultimate treasure on a planet wracked with turmoil. A drug named psylenol has hit the streets, stolen from a secret military program and reconditioned to be an over-the-counter psychedelic.


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Image from: Planetfall (2005)
Image from: Planetfall (2005)
Image from: Planetfall (2005)
'Planetfall' is kind of a mix of spaghetti westerns with the post apocalyptic sci-fi genre. It's ambitious stuff for a low budget, shot on video feature, but director Gianni Mezzanotte manages to pull it off fairly well. There are some rough spots, notably the very obvious CGI effects. However, the cast is more capable than what one usually expects from a movie this cheap, and they manage to invest their characters with enough sincerity and believability to pull at least this viewer into the story.

By no means is this any kind of sci-fi classic, but it has more heart and soul than any slick Sci Fi Channel original. The screenplay is fairly well written and coherent, and you can tell that everyone involved in making 'Planetfall' cared about telling the story and did the best they could. There's nothing deep going on here, no art film pretensions or serious message. It's just a cheap, fun movie made for the love of film-making and telling a story.

Review by zach mandt ( [IMDB 13 March 2007] from the Internet Movie Database.