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The Helix... Loaded

Helix... Loaded, The (2005) Movie Poster
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  •  USA  •    •  97m  •    •  Directed by: A. Raven Cruz.  •  Starring: Scott Levy, Vanilla Ice, Geremy Dingle, Samantha Brooke, Dana Michael Woods, Dane Moreton, Brigett Fink, Eugene Kim, Moe Irvin, Christine Carlo, Delia Copold, Anthony Aniano, Cylk Cozart.  •  Music by: Michael S. Patterson, Stephen Viens.
     In a world where packaged enlightenment is available through course study, a band of free thinkers is out to break free. Join Nuvo, Infiniti, and Theo in their madcap adventures as they hunt for enlightenment and freedom with help from The Helix. What is The Helix? Just take the green Gummy Bear and find out


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Image from: Helix... Loaded, The (2005)
Image from: Helix... Loaded, The (2005)
This movie even tho it may have been low budget Guerilla Indie film, is one of the best matrix spoofs ever. Even if you hate the matrix or even if you love the matrix you will find The Helix... Loaded "Loaded" with good fun insightful commentary and a rollicking good time. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who wishes to be "Enlightened" The of characters is a unique ensemble with excellent performances by All... The visual FX by Ryan Carter of Hall of Shadows are particularly good for a low budget movie. Ryan took creative approaches to creating interesting Special Visual Effects on a low budget to new heights. Outstanding job!!! If you really need a good laugh and need something thats smart as well as funny you cant go wrong with The Helix Loaded!

Review by Steve Roberts from the Internet Movie Database.