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The Ethereal Plane

Ethereal Plane, The (2005) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  74m  •    •  Directed by: Clarke M. Smith.  •  Starring: Ron Rogell, Gene Gabriel, Elizabeth Gallo, Tom Shay, Yael Martinez, Greg Page, Bennie Jablonski, Ralph Puma, Nick Kalaj, Peter Beam, Ngozi Okereke, Jon Hempstead, Ann Walker.  •  Music by: Troy Sterling Nies.
    Damon Taylor stumbles upon the most important and dangerous discovery in the history of mankind - a time-altering device from another dimension. Pursued by relentless government-trained assassins, Damon must alter time to stay alive. With the help of a stranger named Kayla, Damon sets out on a desperate mission to try and alter the past, and save his friend Harrison, who was brutally murdered in the future.


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