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Electroma (2006) Movie Poster
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France / USA  •    •  74m  •    •  Directed by: Thomas Bangalter, Guy-Manuel De Homem-Christo.  •  Starring: Peter Hurteau, Michael Reich, Helena Stoddard, Vance Hartwell, Lilo Tauvao, Ken Banks, Howie Adams, Ritche Lago Bautista, Amir Bokhari, Alina Bolshakova, Jordan Bonson, Bradley Schneider, Joshua Calhaun.  •  Music by: Steven Baker.
       Two robots journey across a mythic American landscape of haunting, surreal beauty on a quest to become human.


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Image from: Electroma (2006)
Image from: Electroma (2006)
Image from: Electroma (2006)
Image from: Electroma (2006)
Image from: Electroma (2006)
Image from: Electroma (2006)
Image from: Electroma (2006)
I saw Daft Punk's Electroma late last night at the Stockholm Filmfestival. This was right after seeing Gondry's "The Science of Sleep" which was brilliant! This evening turned out to be a great french evening.. Even though I have always been a big fan of Daft Punk's music, especially their live performances, I didn't really think that I would enjoy Electroma that much, but I was wrong! I was really touched by this story of two Robots (the members in daft punk) trying to become human. The theme is similar to that of their latest album "Human After All". It reminded me of KubrickSpielberg's "A.I", but Electroma is much more symbolical and humans play a less important role. The movie depicts the robots desire to be unique and human, and just like "Stalker" and other Tarkovsky movies the scenes are very long and for the most part there is no music just background noise, this made me really get into the movie. The whole movie is fantastic but the high rating is mostly due to the ending which is crazy good! I don't know if Daft Punk's robot-era is over after this movie, but I'm looking forward to seeing more stuff from them.

This is probably a movie that many people might find boring because it is a very silent and slow movie (heard a guy in front of me snoring..) but give it a chance... The french are not as stupid as the look!

oh and the music is not daft punk, but I heard some Brian Eno and Curtis Mayfield, overall the music choices were excellent! Merci;).

Review by Canadarm from the Internet Movie Database.


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