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Bane (2008) Movie Poster
UK / USA  •    •  120m  •    •  Directed by: James Eaves.  •  Starring: Sophia Dawnay, Lisa Devlin, Tina Barnes, Sylvia Robson, Daniel Jordan, Jonathan Sidgwick, Michael Wright, Sam Smith, Thom Jones, Jake Frith, Jessica Eaves, Megan Filby, Laura Eaves.  •  Music by: Ronnie Christopher Doyle.
      Upon awakening in an underground cell with no memory of how they arrived there, four women fall victim to a menacing figure conducting a gruesome experiment. One by one the women are visited by the Surgeon, who carves a four-digit number into their skin indicating the exact time he will return to slaughter them. None of the women know why they have been selected to meet such a grim fate.


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Image from: Bane (2008)
Image from: Bane (2008)
My girlfriend and I bought two movies, I chose Ironclad and she chose Bane. She's a bit of a horror junkie. We flipped a coin to see which movie we'd watch first, unluckily it was heads, her choice.

She fell asleep about half way through, she was the lucky one. I stayed up watching this because if I'm going to spend forty minutes or so watching a horror then I might as well see why the hell there is an alien in it...

From the very beginning I saw bad acting and shoddy camera work. Close ups of bad acting and their bad expressions. Grimacing background music which changes constantly, the music or noise does not meld at all. An irritating tick tocking from the clock in the main cell, which I assume is to help break them, but in the end it just annoys the viewer. The dialogue seems broken and awkward. When one of the women was crying constantly I couldn't help but laugh, it was such a poor display of acting and bad camera work.

The plot line doesn't even make sense. OK fine, they are trying to transfer emotions from the girls to the aliens. Emotions kill? and I thought emotions are chemicals in the brain, how do you transfer that with an electronic signal? Why was the alien not guarded, and a button to release it right next to it?. The killer is a Ninjabutcher who can climb ceilings and the prisoners never look up, the camera doesn't either. You don't really know how big their cell is, sometimes they are in the shower sometimes they are somewhere else. Why did the girl have these dreams, were they real? why didn't the others wake up? It's just all nonsense.

Come on, the Blair Witch Project had less budget and it was great. You don't need a big budget to create suspense. This movie should be viewed by students on what not to do when making a film. I had to see Ironclad straight away to see real actors and transfer the emotion of disgust to contentment via transmission device - DVD before implosion occurred.

Review by charliejsch from the Internet Movie Database.