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Taiketsu (2007) Movie Poster
Germany  •    •  100m  •    •  Directed by: Sven Knüppel.  •  Starring: Fabian Monasterios, Cécile Decker, Justus Beckmann, Jens Ristedt, Liane Siems, Sarah Diener, Yuri Beckers, Johanna Malsch, Mirko Thiele, Stephan Schreck, Tayfun Baydar, Jacob Weigert, Wolfgang Riehm.  •  Music by: Ingo Hauss, Lucas Kochbeck.
      In the ruins of future Babylon, a group of people struggles to survival. An artist tries to save her lover, a politician his integrity, a sportsman his dignity, a merchant his money and a cab driver his organs. But as all these people fight, love, trick and run for their lives in an epic conflict, they discover one sole truth: You are your own maker.


TAIKETSU has some of the falsest advertising I've ever seen for a film. It's continually described as an action film, but in fact it's a tiny budgeted indie sci-fi story set in a single location for the most part. Dialogue makes up 90% of the running time, and it's mostly talking head footage between two or three central characters. Mainly this is an exploration of sci-fi themes and ideas borrowed from Hollywood, with laid back performances throughout. The photography is disguised with various filters to give things a soft blue tinted look.

Review by Leofwine_draca from the Internet Movie Database.