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Liar's Pendulum

Liar's Pendulum (2007) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  94m  •    •  Directed by: Andrew William Flores.  •  Starring: David Winning, Niki Rubin, Tony DeSean, Joey Klein, J.B. Soler, Pat Dempsey, Jason Vail, Shawn Harrison, Jun Naito, Nick Psinakis, Gil Ramos, Ephraim Stanfield, Tamara Malawitz..
    Alaric Almalquilar (a.k.a. Johnny Joe Blue), is a charismatic, street-smart ex-cop-turned-private Investigator/bounty hunter. Dauntless and of dubious nobility, he is on the run from pernicious forces bent on stopping him from getting his hands on top-secret, stolen research technology that everybody wants and only he knows where to acquire.


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