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Yo Soy Otro

Yo Soy Otro (2008) Movie Poster
Colombia  •    •  83m  •    •  Directed by: Óscar Campo.  •  Starring: Héctor García, Jenifer Nava, Patricia Castañeda, Ramses Ramos, Miguel Angel Giraldo, Carlos Ronderos, Gabriel Uribe, Fernando Córdoba, Diego Villegas, Catalina Lago, Claudia Caicedo.  •  Music by: Juan Pablo Carrascal, Héctor García, Alejandro Ramirez-Rojas.
    José, a systems engineer discovers in his skin the signs of 'lytomiasis' a non yet classified mysterious disease where the body is totally covered by a second skin of voracious bacteria. Horrified José discovers 'replicas' of himself, as if his burst sick ego had multiplied itself ad infinitum. All the replicas are infected with the same virus and equally intent on a merciless pursuit of each other and as decisively intent on killing.


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Image from: Yo Soy Otro (2008)
Image from: Yo Soy Otro (2008)
This movie was made between June and July of 2005 in mini DVD format. The budget was limited to 900 thousand dollars(very inexpensive for north American standards), produced by Alina Hleap it takes place in Cali, Colombia and it shows us the seemingly normal life of Jose Gonzalez who discovers one day the signs of a deadly disease in his body.

At this point he decides to kill himself since this skin virus has no way to be avoided or controlled, killing himself or trying to is Jose's least problem since soon enough a bombing in the nearby vicinity thwarts his intent of committing suicide and makes him think his disease and the bombing is linked to the sudden appearance of replicas of his own persona.

Review by torregroza from the Internet Movie Database.