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The Last Starship

Last Starship, The (2016) Movie Poster
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UK  •    •  108m  •    •  Directed by: Sven Knüppel.  •  Starring: Cecile Decker, Ulricke Kargus, Vanida Karun, Fabian Monasterios, Jim Walker..
    Conflict and tension looms heavily across the broken remains of a distant, post-apocalyptic world. Controlled by a race of oppressive genetically-enhanced humans, the last natural-born humans have no choice but to bow down to their rule. The only alternative is to wander the vast wastelands surrounding the last habitable city, whilst relentlessly hunted by roaming pack of mutated monsters. Meanwhile, outside the towering walls of the citadel, aboard a massive hulking army tank, an uprising occurs among the natural-born crew. Their hope lies in the legend of the Republic of EZO: said to return aboard the last star ship ...


If this were a high school project for a drama or AV group it would be commendable on some levels. Offering it for paid viewing however is near criminal. As another user has noted, a very incongruous and saturated use of profanity - not that there is anything wrong with heavy profanity usage per se, as long as it is integral and flowing - detracts heavily from being able to watch this already nigh-unwatchable flick. Poor continuity, scripting, editing, special effects, use of stock footage... you get the idea.

I love watching sci-fi movies new or old, and am probably more willing to suspend belief for many aspects of a bad movie than others: but this was just bad without virtually any saving graces. One exception is that there was one actress who I could see even in this atrocity had potential.

Full disclosure... I FFWD'd through some of the movie and in the end this review IS based on seeing probably only 23rds of the whole thing. However, I gritted my teeth so that I could say I gave it as fair a review as it deserved before recommending you avoid wasting the 10 minutes it took before you turned it off.

Review by John Norton from the Internet Movie Database.