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The Last Starship

Last Starship, The (2016) Movie Poster
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UK  •    •  108m  •    •  Directed by: Sven Knüppel.  •  Starring: Cecile Decker, Ulricke Kargus, Vanida Karun, Fabian Monasterios, Jim Walker..
    Conflict and tension looms heavily across the broken remains of a distant, post-apocalyptic world. Controlled by a race of oppressive genetically-enhanced humans, the last natural-born humans have no choice but to bow down to their rule. The only alternative is to wander the vast wastelands surrounding the last habitable city, whilst relentlessly hunted by roaming pack of mutated monsters. Meanwhile, outside the towering walls of the citadel, aboard a massive hulking army tank, an uprising occurs among the natural-born crew. Their hope lies in the legend of the Republic of EZO: said to return aboard the last star ship ...


"Obscene language is the refuge of those lacking the ability to say anything more intelligent."

While I am never fond of movies that resort to repeated foul language, I don't really make an issue of this in most of my reviews. That's what the Parental Advisory is for. Reviews are for reviewing the movie itself.

In this case I make an exception. Repeated F-bombing is so excessive and gratuitous it actually distracts from the plot to the point of making the film painful to watch. Which is why I stopped watching it about 7 minutes in and hit the 1-star rating... which I try to reserve for "worse than SyFy channel" movies.

The equally bad scripting makes any toleration of this flick nigh impossible. Tiny spoiler illustration: Within the first 3 minutes a woman intentionally and for no discernible reason leaves a perfectly good shelter to get stomped on by a giant monster. Dialog: "What's that sound?" "I don't know. Something big." -- Woman slowly backs out of shelter where she was totally safe, looks up, screams and is stomped.


I figured the plot line can only get worse from that point on. It did. I stopped it several minutes later, unable to stomach any further terrible writing. Asylum could take notes in "bad" from these script writers.

Review by Granger from the Internet Movie Database.