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Dark Side of Heaven

Dark Side of Heaven (2008) Movie Poster
UK  •    •  93m  •    •  Directed by: Robbie Moffat.  •  Starring: Suzanne Harbison, Rachel Rath, Paul Cassidy, Jon-Paul Gates, Helena Baker, Jill Bennett, Amelia Morris, Charlotte Radford, Lucia Serpini..
    A four person crew, sent to bring back a mothballed ship parked at the back of Pluto, find themselves on their way to the edge of the Universe. Captainned by Sceptra, crewed by the child genious Kraz, the hopeless negotiator Caroli, and the narcissistic Wasat, the crew of the Bismillah find themselves heading out into space at ten times the speed of light. Unable to turn the ship aound, they resign themselves to spending the rest of their lives on a ship pre-programmmed to travel the thirteen billion light years needed to reach the end of the Univese. They soon find themselves at odds with one another in a mis-match that seems to have been pre-programmed to fail.


Either the Plot Summary is wrong, or this movie went through a whoole lot of editing before being released.

Anyway, I downloaded a movie with the title "Dark Side of Heaven" from Amazon. The movie I saw had four main characters, boarding an huge, abandoned spaceship, planning to take it back to earth(?) for salvage. Once all four are on board, the find a swimming pool, so they decide to strip to their underwear and take a swim. After they swim a while, a glowing asteroid (or moon) (or something) buzzes the skylight over the pool, so they all quick get dressed. Next they find a church, so they stop there for a while, and the captain goes up into the pulpit to give a sermon about how there is no god. Then they all leave the church.

I could go on, but most of the movie is like that. Something happens, every one reacts, then everyone just forgets about it. Eventually, the crew figures out that as soon as they were aboard, the autopilot on the ship took off for the other side of the universe, maybe. Why the ship needed people on board before leaving the solar system is never mentioned. The people had no control of the ship, and for the most part have no meaningful interaction with the ship.

Under other conditions, I would guess this was a student film, but I would like to think a movie has to have a bit more to recommend it than an A from film school to make it to Amazon Instant Video.

PS: I'm not sure who to blame, but the copy I watched was all but unintelligible in a lot of places. After a while, I just quit trying to understand what the cleaning robots were trying to say.

Review by seybernetx from the Internet Movie Database.