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A Repartição do Tempo

Repartição do Tempo, A (2016) Movie Poster
Brazil  •    •  100m  •    •  Directed by: Santiago Dellape.  •  Starring: Edu Moraes, Eucir de Souza, Bianca Müller, André Deca, Rosanna Viegas, Ricardo Pipo, Selma Egrei, Tonico Pereira, Dedé Santana, Andrade Jr., Bidô Galvão, Sergio Sartorio, Dina Brandão.  •  Music by: Sascha Kratzer.
    When Dr. Brazil presented his time machine at the Patents and Inventions Department, in Brasilia, he couldn't imagine that the office's boss, Lisboa, would use it to duplicate his employees in order to increase productivity. Enslaved in the building's basement with the other doubles, the hapless Jonas can only count on his lazy co-workers' help to thwart Lisboa's plans.


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