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Lycanimator (2017) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  60m  •    •  Directed by: Sébastien Godin.  •  Starring: Nicola Fiore, Joel D. Wynkoop, Tyler Hosley, Sébastien Godin, Dustin Hubbard, Matthew Scott Kimple, Jonathan E. Smith, Alberto Giovannelli, M. Catherine Holseybrook Wynkoop, Jeff Strand, B.A. Johnston, Giovanni Lombardo Radice, Michael O'Hear..
    A group of friends decide to spend the weekend away in an old abandoned house where they come across a mad scientist with some monster-making goo.


Taking a road trip to a local house, several couples engaging in a party for the weekend run into a strange liquid left behind and unknowingly partake in it, unaware the liquid was concocted by a mad scientist and turns him into a flesh-hungry werewolf who begins hunting them down one-by-one.

There was a lot to like with this one. One of the better features here is the wholly enjoyable setup that manages to bring about the rather cliche and familiar setup quite nicely here. Focusing on the group of friends having a get-together at a remote house in the wilderness who get scared away by the local loon that knows what's going on but is taken as a joke, they go to the party anyway and end up getting caught in the crossfire of a dangerous figure performing experiments on animals and become involved in the whole affair which is nothing new but still comes across nicely. Seeing their interpersonal relationships at the party and how they interact with each other while going through the other side story involving the connection the caretaker has with the original creators and his search to stop him gives this a fine setup. That this early work leads rather nicely into the emerging horror with the changeover and resulting chases by the werewolf-like creature. Seeing the initial attack when the transformation occurs during the two sleeping with each other and the later discovery that shows the changed beast stalking the friends throughout the house features some pretty enjoyable indie-style action scenes. This is carried over into the flashback scenes of the creature's creation and escape tearing apart the original scientists before rampaging through the community which sets up the fun confrontations in the house with the goofy monster design and indie-style gore for the various kills which becomes rather enjoyable how it all plays out. Overall, these all make for a fun time here while there are a few minor issues with this one. The main problem with this one is the insistence on utilizing a distorted series of camera tricks and visualization tactics that are far more psychedelic and trippy than what would generally be expected here. Throwing up colored filters on many of the scenes is fine enough but to then slow the frame down, add in groovy music and scores of transformation scenes filtering in and out of each other from other classic movies creates a highly disjointed effect that won't be easily digested. There's also a lot to say about the low-budget on display where it comes in so short and brief that it won't feel like a complete film with how it plays out, especially with the cheesiness and campy attitude on display, but otherwise, there's not much else really wrong here.

Review by kannibalcorpsegrinder from the Internet Movie Database.