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Sindrome de Pinocchio

Sindrome de Pinocchio (2008) Movie Poster
Brazil  •    •  90m  •    •  Directed by: Thiago Moyses.  •  Starring: Raphael Farias, Andrade Júnior, Clara Camarano, Hugo Rodas, Bruno Resende, Thais Strieder, Nielson Menão, Luiz Fadel, Lísia Galli, Arthur Tadeu Curado, Mateus Ferrari, Fabiana Soares, Alana Ferrigno.  •  Music by: Gustavo Cochlar, Thiago Moyses, Eduardo Risi, Rubens Rocha, Leo Yoloben.
    Achim Aaron Adoniram is a public employee who lives a mediocre life, oppressed by his boss and keeping a forbidden love for his sister. People speak strangely in English and it doesn't seem like their natural language. Achim starts to receive strange e-mails from some Humpty Dumpty who encourages him to question his bizarre reality


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