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Project Purgatory

Project Purgatory (2010) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  82m  •    •  Directed by: Kantz.  •  Starring: Andre McCoy, Garret Sato, Michael Nagel, Carl Lundstrom, Brandy Blackledge, Mary Christina Brown, Isabella Marie Brown-Quigley, Jordan Lawson, Drue Delio, Kevin T. Johnson, Leon Dawes, Dwight Johnson, Salvador Perales.  •  Music by: Salvador Perales.
      A virus manufactured accidentally wipes out mankind leaving few survivors. The dead have returned to life and they're attacking the living. The virus has turned the infected humans into raging, savage cannibals. They roam the earth looking for human flesh to feed. The survivors do their best to lead a normal life in a violent and hostile world, when a stranger appears.


There is a chemical released to create mutants, then they are nuked, but there is no real signs of that. A group of survivors are hunkered together when the "new guy" shows up. In this case it is Shinji (Andre McCoy) a quiet special ops type who wears his sunglasses at night. There is some poorly developed drama within the group made worse because the acting was bad. Perhaps the worse in the group is Kat (Isabella Marie Brown-Quigley) who believes everyone hates her because she is just 18, and not because of her acting.

The script gives out information and then brings it together in the most boring way possible. Most of the film was done in a warehouse. We do get a long lecture on how rat poison works. The mutants are walking dead, but are killed by normal methods.

Review by nogodnomasters from the Internet Movie Database.