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Wapakman (2009) Movie Poster
Philippines  •    •  100m  •    •  Directed by: Topel Lee.  •  Starring: Manny Pacquiao, Angelique Velez, Arvin Sadsad, Barbie Forteza, Benjie Paras, Benny Cunial, Beth Enriquez, Bianca King, Bobby Pacquiao, Carlos Homo, Cha-Cha Cañete, Debraliz, Edinburgh Kyle.  •  Music by: Von de Guzman.
      A Filipino superhero must decide if saving the world is worth, leaving his children, behind.


This is one of the worst movie ever made by the Philippine cinema. No wonder..... It's lead actor is a well recognized boxer, who ran for congressman in a district he has never resided yet, and won only due to popularity and not his qualifications. He is definitely not an actor or he couldn't even be taken seriously as a comedian. The movie producers banked on the popularity of Manny Pacquiao to sell a poorly crafted and screen played movie who's target audience were the kids during the Christmas season. It was so surprising it was included in the Metro Manila Filmfest Festival. It was a movie about a superhero but there is nothing super about the movie. If you have nothing to watch, this isn't even worth it of a glimpse. No wonder it ranked the lowest among the rest of the film fest participants. This reflects how quality is never a requirement in the film fest entry selection process.

Review by technospecs from the Internet Movie Database.