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The Killer Robots and the Battle for the Cosmic Potato

Killer Robots and the Battle for the Cosmic Potato, The (2009) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  80m  •    •  Directed by: Sam Gaffin.  •  Starring: Jacob Dupree, Sally Evans, Sam Gaffin, Charles Harris, Jenna Hellmuth, Espen Jorgensen, Lloyd Kaufman, Lysette Kiel, Mike McGowan, Cris Welti, Samuel Williams..
    After escaping from an asteroid prison, a band of robotic mercenaries are recruited by alien plant-people to help find the Cosmic Potato of Power.


After hearing an ad on S.I.R. I just had to check out The Killer Robots and the Battle for the Cosmic Potato. Make no mistakes: this movie is bad. Horrible outdated graphics, clumsy acting and voice-overs that don't match the movement of the actors' mouths make it feel like it's straight out of the late 80searly 90s. The plot is ridiculous. The music was made by the band who (presumably) created the movie, The Killer Robots! and actually isn't too bad. Everything else? Super cheesy and campy.

But...I loved it. I love bad movies and this was right up my alley. Of course the "badness" was likely intentional on the part of the filmmakers, knowing they could appeal to someone like myself. I only gave it 4 stars because this is NOT a movie for someone looking for good quality cinema.

Review by cherandscully from the Internet Movie Database.