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Scavengers (2013) Movie Poster
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USA  •    •  94m  •    •  Directed by: Travis Zariwny.  •  Starring: John Lee Ames, Roark Critchlow, Brett Curtze, Sean Patrick Flanery, Jennifer Jalene, Louise Linton, Jeremy London, J.J. Nolan, Tyler Poelle, Russell Richardson, Kaitlin Riley, Pavlos Skountzou, John Stocklin.  •  Music by: Conan Skyrme.
        A team of space scavengers discovers superior alien technology that threatens the balance of the known universe. Hotly pursued by a rival crew of intergalactic mercenaries, the Revelator crew must fight through the deepest reaches of space to locate and protect the life-altering device.


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Image from: Scavengers (2013)
Image from: Scavengers (2013)
Image from: Scavengers (2013)
Image from: Scavengers (2013)
Image from: Scavengers (2013)
Image from: Scavengers (2013)
Lets face it, in the genre of Sci-Fi the chances of seeing a well made flick is far and few between. Yet I was immediately stoked to see the description of the movie and the subsequent (at the time) 6.3 rating pretty much giving me a Sci-Fi chub!

Gah!! After the first 4 minutes I knew I was in trouble (and 2 of those was actually a nice title sequence) so yes; within 2 minutes of the movie actually starting you can tell it's awful.

The only spoiler I'm going to give I hardly count as a spoiler...nothing to spoil!

So this woman is made up to be some real bad ass, so much so that they keep asking her why she's even taking a gun with her. So a scene unfolds where she's in some kind of bar and is suddenly surrounded by about 10-12 guys. Scene cuts to a different arch in the story and when it comes back all the guys are on the ground. Literally; what am I supposed to infer happened? You could replace the woman with a quadriplegic with dwarfism and film the scene the same way....both give you the same impression.

Just like the epic fight scene I was expecting to happen the movie failed to deliver on any premise of being an enjoyable film. I think the entire cast and crew originally rated the movie..only way after so many reviews it hasn't hit 1 or lower yet!


After reading some newer reviews I thought maybe I watched the wrong movie. How else could it explain the extreme polarization between my personal review and a few others. So I tried to watch this disaster one more time thinking my expectations where just too high.

I was hoodwinked again!

I never ragged on the visual effects because I knew it was low budget. I never ragged on the acting because it was low budget. The worst thing about the movie is the directing and script. I blame the director for everything that is wrong with this film. He allowed substandard acting and visual effects from what I'm assuming are competent people. The scenes that fell flat on their face (which there are tons) was under his control. This is the only movie I have written a review for and I've seen some really bad movies in my time. I could not let others get hoodwinked like I did.

I'm sorry if castcrewfamily members are doing their best to drum up some kind of support for this movie on here..honestly I am. I cannot rate this movie any lower and I wish I could give it a 0!

If you really want to hate yourself for wasting over an hour of your time, by all means watch this movie. No other movie has ever made me angry for watching it, NONE! This horrendous flick could cause wars or plenty other unseemly acts of violence towards other people.

Review by dhdregun from the Internet Movie Database.