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Programmable Dreams

Programmable Dreams (2007) Movie Poster
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Canada  •    •  107m  •    •  Directed by: Brad Schinkel.  •  Starring: Dan Fotopoulos, Lisa Ram, Mike Delisle, Brian Reilly, Ed Roach, Robert Flohr, Matthew O'Reilly, Jason Gropp, Melanie Gualtieri, Brad Schinkel, David Mumby, Ed Sremec, Tasia Custode.  •  Music by: Mike Delisle, Brad Schinkel, Doug White.
    Ten years ago, development of a new implant began. This implant was a small chip with a USB port attached. It was implanted into the human brain, and would allow humans to download digital information directly to brain, allowing us to learn new skills instantly. It was called the Cerebral Download System, and was said to be mankind's greatest achievement. Though there were many people sceptical of this new technology, people that feared others may be able to hack into the CDS and do damage to the cerebral cortex, but the developers insisted it was flawless. They were wrong.


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