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Made Out Alive

Made Out Alive (2009) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  100m  •    •  Directed by: Aaron Isaac Vasquez.  •  Starring: Aaron Isaac Vasquez, James Garrigan, Brandon Piskorik, Hannah Morgan, Matt Skinner, Javi Gonzalez, Dominque Garcia, Daniel Falcon, Jason Falcon, Dan Benitez, Beau Harris, Nathalie Holmes, Angela Ware.  •  Music by: Nina Kernicke, Aaron Isaac Vasquez.
    Three friends start the day on a fishing trip, but before they can make it to their destination, they are split apart. When split, the characters come face to face with the brutality of a pandemic sweeping small town Texas. They quickly realize the seriousness of their predicament. Now, they must make it out of this town alive. Some survivors show great kindness in the face of adversity, and others show cowardice, fear, and discontent for humanity. None can escape the death around them. There is no sign of law or order, and civil structures have fallen apart. People of the church are few, but remain convinced that the pandemic is the reckoning of God. Many are forced to kill those they know, or those they love. Sequentially , many have become warped, and mentally unstable. In the end a retribution will be paid.


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Three friends by the name of "Richard" (Brandon Piskorik), "Mike" (Aaron Isaac Vasquez) and "Jason" (James Garrigan), are going fishing and decide to stop off at convenience store only to find it completely deserted. Richard stays behind at the store while Mike and Jason decide to look for a gas station. On the way to a gas station they run out of gas and end up walking down the road. While walking a hysterical person appears from the nearby woods and warns them to flee from there before running away himself. During the encounter Mike accidentally drops his cellphone on the ground. As they proceed down the road they witness a person being attacked by 3 or 4 people and hide in the underbrush to escape detection. They arrive back at the convenience store only to find Richard lying semiconscious in the rest room. When they get him to speak he tells them that he won't let the same thing happen to him and then shoots himself in the head. Shocked and unable to believe what just happened they finally decide to leave the store. They walk out with an empty gas can to a nearby barn and get some gasoline from a riding lawnmower. Suddenly they see people rapidly approaching them and they run as fast as they can to a house where Jason is accidentally shot in the shoulder by a person named "Clint" who is hiding in the house with his girlfriend, "Stacy" (Hannah Morgan). Since I don't want to spoil the movie for those who haven't seen it, I'll leave out what happens next. I will say, however, that it was a shame the producers of this film didn't have more resources available to them. I don't say this derogatorily because I'm sure they did the best with what they had available to them. However, in some cases the lighting wasn't up to standard, the character development was poor and it was clear that the zombies were simply regular people running at full speed with a minimum of makeup. In that regard, some special effects would have helped this film immensely. On the other hand, there was good suspense and the music complimented the film pretty well. And while the acting wasn't very good, it seemed sufficient for the most part with Aaron Isaac Vasquez and Hannah Morgan probably performing the best among their peers. Again though, the producers had to compensate in that department and they did the best that they could. In short, this is a very good effort by those involved in the production of this very low-budget film. However, in all honesty this is a film for zombie fans only because they are probably the only ones who will make allowances and appreciate the final product.

Review by Uriah43 from the Internet Movie Database.