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Shadow People

Shadow People (2011) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  90m  •    •  Directed by: Anthony Fankhauser.  •  Starring: Judd Nelson, Ryan Karloff, Maggie VandenBerghe, Edgar Allan Poe IV, Christian Maurice Gantt, Dustin J. Trost, D.J. Shapiro, Danielle De Luca, Regina Mocey, Dr. Sherry G. Jones.  •  Music by: Christopher Cano.
      Sylvain, an engineer come vigilante inventor, has constructed a device. It is close to functional, but something isn't right. His wife, Mary Anne, is running out of patience. She loathes the woods in which they live and yearns for a return to the city. Problems arise when their already tense situation is exasperated by the appearance of shadow beings, which torment them during the night. Sylvain slowly comes to realize that this is not a localized event and some greater scheme might be at work...


RARELY do I find a movie I can't, at the least, tolerate. Sadly, this was one of a few. I survived maybe the first 10 minutes of it before packing it in.

I should have known there were going to be problems from the get go. It opens with Judd Nelson producing "homegrown" porn. Then you find out a few minutes later he's the sheriff. only gets better. (tongue in cheek) We open up on the protagonist venturing out to his lab. It is a shed resembling the unchinked walls of a log cabin. We can only imagine what kind of "nature" is coming & going through those gaps...light, wind, critters etc. Then there's the dirt floors. Really? When he starts dinking on a computer I really start wondering "Is this going to get any better?!" Honestly, who is going to run lab computers & other electronics in that sort of environment? I think I got as far as someone from the real world delivering him some more electronic equipment & then I "pulled the plug".

This should have had a special viewer warning. "Caution: This film is explicitly awful." If you enjoy bad writing, bad set design & overacting, this is your flick!!!

Review by DerDuchess from the Internet Movie Database.