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Night of the Alien

Night of the Alien (2011) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  80m  •    •  Directed by: Vaughn Verdi.  •  Starring: Christopher Karbo, Shannon Lintner, Patrick Young, Jennifer Yoo, Tabetha Wallace, Julian Gonzalez, Hector Gonzalez, Scott C. Leeds, Suzan Jones, Anastazia Dalesandro, Louis Iacoviello, Dorian Love, Sean August Cirrito.  •  Music by: John Reinhold.
    Fran, an unemployed slacker, and best friend "The Lord of Evil and darkness" are two lost souls on a road trip through the Southern California desert when they pick up a hitchhiker who claims to be an Alien from the planet Zoltran.


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Image from: Night of the Alien (2011)
Image from: Night of the Alien (2011)
Image from: Night of the Alien (2011)
Image from: Night of the Alien (2011)
NIGHT OF THE ALIEN is your typical slacker comedy, made on a low budget but with plenty of energy to see it through. Whether you like it or not depends on your taste for this kind of material, but being an old-fashioned fuddy duddy, I'm afraid to say that I didn't care for it at all. It's a lame road trip in which various assorted weirdo characters travel around in a minibus and meet even weirder folk, and there's some bizarre overarching conspiracy plot that doesn't even begin to feel realistic. It's not the worst film I've seen, but it is a chore to sit through.

Review by Leofwine_draca from the Internet Movie Database.