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Psychics Tomorrow

Psychics Tomorrow (2017) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  70m  •  Directed by: Georgia Agbodjan.  •  Starring: Rose Kim, Nand Mahasuwan, Jason Hui, Jackson Stallings, Erin Mozdy, Jerrel Ramos, Kartik Singhal, Laurel Wong, Shubha Rajan, Lana Vanzine, Calli Gade, Daniel Hollar, Victor Romos..
    Set in an alternate universe where a fraction of the human population has psychic abilities. Rowen is a college student who just needed a part-time job. So she became a research assistant to help test out a new government drug on the local psychics. Then came the murder, the psychic cult, and the family secrets. And not necessarily in that order.


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