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Shadow Skill 2

Shadow Skill 2 (1996) Movie Poster
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Japan  •    •  32m  •    •  Directed by: Hiroshi Negishi.  •  Starring: Robert Chase, Elly Fairman, Megumi Hayashibara, John Fitzgerald Jay, Jonathan Keeble, Laurel Lefkow, Stephen Lyons, Joanna MacInnes, Roger May, Mathonwy Reeves..
In the warrior city of Kuruda, Elle Ragu stands as the strongest since she holds the prestigious title of 59th Sevalle. She fights using the deadly shadow skill and lives together with Gau Ban, her precious little brother. They live many adventures as they keep encountering powerful opponents to battle against.


This was my gateway into Anime, saw it on the sci-fi channel back when it was the sci-fi channel and it had awesome stuff on it. So this review is biased as all hell.

But DAMN I love this, the dub isn't perfect and the pronunciations are off in places but the actors do a sublime job getting the tone and effort of the OVA right in almost all places, there's a few cringey moments that I still find glorious to watch today (any scene of magic with the text, the over expressive deep male voice over and the serious way things are all taken) if not for their genius, then their funny quality.

As with a lot of the 90s it was ultraviolence and blood rich, but rather than having a male protag who can kill a person with a single strike, we've got Ella who can kill with a single kick against men 3 times her size. and the journey of her and her "brother" Gau Ban of the Black Howling.

Its a short 3 story piece that is really meant to introduce you to the world of Shadow Skill, and it does a decent enough job for a low budget OVA, has spectacular fight scenes and a decent score and animation.

I'm like I said a huge fan of this series and would recommend it to anyone who is an Anime fan that wants to see some old school dubbing done in the early era of the western love affair with Anime.

Review by tifa4evr from the Internet Movie Database.