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The Worst Movie Ever!

Worst Movie Ever!, The (2011) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  76m  •    •  Directed by: Glenn Berggoetz.  •  Starring: Glenn Berggoetz, Eileen Barker, Stuart Goldstein, Haidyn Harvey, Bryce Foster, Christopher Irvin, Christine Mascolo, Kasha Fauscett, Jeff Johnson, Jonathan Jorgensen, Carla Cannalte, Giovanna Leah, Jeff McBride..
     A robot alien. Angst-ridden teens. Cleavage-wielding soul takers. A dark overlord. A cross-dressing retard. A pregnant 14-year-old cougar. Macho scientists. Santa Claus. Yeah, this movie has it all.


If you have any appreciation and patience at all for independent films, then you might want to check out the stupidly hilarious montage of characters in "The Worst Movie EVER!" With the premise that the movie lives up to its title, there is no possible way for you or anybody in the whole world to be disappointed. Cleverly titled, "The Worst Movie EVER!" is a comedy that will surely make you laugh at least once, maybe even twice. Okay, thrice. Everything about it is certifiably insane. You will be definitely dumbfounded by the: (a) strangest of characters (two middle-aged "teens" who literally have to watch their hips and backs; a stunning but not-so-bright hottie; a special twin brother with a wild imagination whose "biddy bop" apparently means a thousand words; a good but not-so-wholesome mother; a 14-year-old "cougar" and drama queen; a 10-year-old debonair who is never without a goblet of Cool Aid; two dimwit scientists who intend to save the world from alien invasion with pens, protractors, and a dagger; a sultry and desperate chatterbox of a soul-taker; the soul-taker's sweet assistant who'd rather laugh, hug, and kick rocks with her unlikely love interest; a woman who just keeps running and running aimlessly; a robot alien with a romantic history; an annoying and incessantly laughing Dark Overlord; and a malnourished Santa); (b) poor computer graphics (e.g., the robot alien, a jacket that swings and disappears at the edge of the door, and the superimposed lifeless body on the sidewalk); (c) cheap props (e.g., the hung-by-a-string spaceship and Dark Overlord's tinfoil backdrop); (d) musical arrangement -- definitely an earful like you have never heard before; and, lastly, (e) plot (or absence of).

Everything is just as intended -- crass and crude -' with an outrageous performance that can only be skillfully pulled off by the finest of actors. So, why not satisfy your curiosity? Just sit tight, watch, and be happy, because you most likely will be. There is nothing quite like it. It is arguably more worthwhile than a useless hour on Facebook or youtube.

Review by TheFilmBug from the Internet Movie Database.